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Free Fitness Class with Propel


A variety of fitness classes in Buffalo Bayou Park with Propel. These classes will take place at the Houston Chronicle Meadow.


Saturday, 7/9: Terry’s HIIT Workout (9:30-10:15am) and DHF HUSTLE (10:30-11:15am)

Sunday, 7/10: Full Body HIIT (9:30-10:15am) and Build Your Foundations (10:30-11am)

Saturday, 7/16: Attack Mode! (9:30-10am) and Barre Sculpt (10:30-11am)

Sunday, 7/17: Abs for Days! (9:30-10am) and DHF HUSTLE (10:30-11am)

Saturday, 7/23: Terry’s HIIT Workout (9:30-10:15am) and Arms & Abs (10:30-11am)

Sunday: 7/24: Abs for Days! (9:30-10:15am) and Energizing Flow (10:30-11am)

Saturday, 7/30: The Body Blitz (9:30-10am) and Zumba Party (10:15-11am)

Sunday, 7/31: HoodFit HIIT (9:30-10am) and Grow Your Flow (10:15-11am)

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