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Read about the Sabine to Bagby Park in the American Institute for Architecture (AIA)'s Newsletter.




Visit Buffalo Bayou's Newest Park

The brand new $15 million Sabine to Bagby Waterfront Park includes hike and bike trails on both sides of the bayou linking the Allen Parkway/Memorial Drive trails in the west with Sesquicentennial Park in downtown. The new 23-acre park's features include 12 new street-to-bayou access points, dramatic lighting, native landscaping, canoe launches, civic artwork and other amenities.

Dramatic Lighting

An innovative lighting program, designed for the entire Buffalo Bayou greenway, is unveiled at the Sabine-to-Bagby Promenade. Diverse lighting treatments identify Buffalo Bayou as the spine of the city and a major destination for night-time activity. The lights, designed by artist Stephen Korns (Amherst, MA) and international lighting firm L’Observatoire (New York), brighten the bridges, trails and water of the park with a blue-to-white color scheme changing in tandem with the phases of the moon.

Follow the lights as they change with the moon's phases each month.

Winding Hike and Bike Trails

Two miles of new hiking and biking trails link the Allen Parkway/Memorial Drive bayou trails to Sesquicentennial Park behind Wortham Center and the Northside Trail at the University of Houston-Downtown.

Outstanding Civic Art

Elegant stainless steel boat sculptures, created by Houston artist John Runnels, serve as bayou landmarks, welcoming visitors to the park's major entryways. Text-based artwork etched into the structures througout the park will highlight Buffalo Bayou's and Houston's history.

Convenient Street-to-Bayou Access

Greater visual and pedestrian access to the bayou shores is provided by twelve new street-to-bayou access points. These entryways include stairs, decorative lighting, landscaping and sculptural art pieces.

Buffalo Bayou Pedestrian Bridge

A one-of-a-kind pedestrian bridge provides access to both banks of the promenade, linking park users with nearby parking at the Hobby Center. The bridge will also allow pedestrians to walk a complete loop around the bayou without having to cross any busy yrban streets. Adorning the elegant steel and concrete bridge is dramatic lighting and etched artwork.

Advanced Channel Edge Construction

Along with flood control benefits, a new bank edge allows the inherently steep bayou banks to be graded back for greater visibility, increased space for recreation and safety for paddle craft.

Canoe and Kayak Launches

Two new walk-down canoe and kayak launches invite visitors to enjoy the beauty of Buffalo Bayou from the water. These launches are easily accessed from Sabine Street Bridge and City Lot H.

Lush Landscaping

Abundant native perennials flank the park's stairways. A variety of trees shade the hike and bike trails. Sun and shade gardens are placed throughout the promenade to blanket the bayou with continual color.

How the Sabine-to-Bagby Promenade Came to Be

Under the civic leadership of the non-profit Buffalo Bayou Partnership, this new park for Houston was generously funded by the City of Houston, the Harris County Flood Control District, Texas Department of Transportation, The Brown Foundation, Inc., Houston Endowment Inc., The Wortham Foundation, Inc., and The Margaret and James A. Elkins, Jr. Foundation.

The project team includes: The Buffalo Bayou Partnership, Boyer, Inc., the City of Houston, PSI, Inc., The SWA Group, and United Engineers, Inc.

The Sabine-to-Baby Promenade
A Winning Project

2006 Waterfront Center’s Excellence on the Waterfront Award
Parks and Recreation Category

2006 Allen Award presented by Central Houston, Inc.
Civic Enhancement

2006 Mayor’s Proud Partner Award presented by Keep Houston Beautiful

2006 Visionary Award presented by the Quality of Life Advisory Committee of the Greater Houston Partnership
Bayou Beautification

2007 Synergy Award presented by The Park People
Combined works for parks and open space have a greater effect than the sum of their individual efforts.

A Winning Team

City of Houston
Texas Department of Transportation
Harris County Flood Control District

Civic and Corporate
Houston Endowment Inc.
The Brown Foundation, Inc.
The Wortham Foundation, Inc.
The Elkins Foundation
The Carruth Foundation
CenterPoint Energy
KHOU-TV Channel 11 /
The Belo Foundation
The Robert R. and Kay M. Onstead Foundation
Susan Vaughan Foundation
John P. McGovern Foundation
Vivian L. Smith Foundation
Bayou Place
The Gordon and Mary Cain Foundation
The Clayton Fund
Devon Energy Corporation
Houston Chronicle

Kevin Shanley/SWA – Park designer
Herve Descottes/L’Observatoire International – lighting designer
Stephen Korns – lighting artist
John Runnels – portal artist

Winning Praise

Wall Street Journal International
July 21, 2006 Designs with light that reflect the pace of a day

LD+A (Lighting Design + Application)
October, 2006 As the Moon Turns

October, 2006 Bagby-to-Sabine: A New Beginning


Photos courtesy of Jim Olive, Tom Fox of SWA, John Runnels and Phil Grant.