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Bike Share Program

Sabine Street Bridge location (150 Sabine Street, 77007) is located right at Buffalo Bayou between the Hobby Center and Eleanor Tinsley Park and is one of the most popular bike share sites of the 22 docking stations.

Houston B-cycle is a bike share program that provides a quick transportation alternative for getting around Downtown Houston and the surrounding urban areas. There are currently 21 stations and 175 bikes. Membership to Houston B-cycle is available by the day, week or year. Daily $5 24-hour passes can be purchased at any B-station or on our website. 7-day passes and Annual Memberships can only be purchased on our website. All memberships include unlimited 60 minutes trips. This means that each time you check out a bike, the first 60 minutes are FREE! Any trip that is over 60 minutes will incur a usage fee of $2 per each additional ½ hour.


Buffalo Bayou Biking

A top priority of the Buffalo Bayou Partnership is to build a contiguous system
of trails on the north and south banks of Buffalo Bayou from Shepherd Drive to the Turning Basin. This will give Houstonians and our visitors 20 miles of trails to run, walk and bike along our waterway.

In 2008, the trails from Shepherd Drive to Sabine Street were re-paved by TxDOT. These trails have already been designed and funded and are awaiting final approvals from the city.

From Sabine to Bagby Street, 2 miles of trails now connect the Allen Parkway trails to Sesquicentennial Park downtown in our newest park on Buffalo Bayou, completed March, 2006.

The North Side Trail from Sesquicentennial Park to UH Downtown was completed in the summer of 2003. More than 75 trees were recently planted to make this area a shaded oasis from the heat of downtown.

Segments of trails from McKee Street to North York are completed and more are under construction as we acquire lands and funding. Segments now in progress should be completed by September 2007.

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NEW Sabine to Bagby Map (pdf)